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Divine Will Pilgrimage - Retreat

Updated: May 5

October 1st thru the 16th, 2024!

The theme for this upcoming pilgrimage to Italy will be one of unity with our brothers and sisters striving to journey within the "Gift of Living in the Divine Will". Tracing our spiritual walk back to the source of where it all began for Luisa and the gradual unveiling of the truths and revelations of Jesus and Mary as chronicled within the thousands of pages of writings so cherished by us all. Back to Corato, back to the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie, Italy.

Here we will receive unprecedented access and teachings that reverberate from the very heart of Luisa's beginnings and continued growth in what would become the "Gift of Living in the Divine Will" to the whole world!

Alejandra Acuña will be journeying with us and teaching throughout the pilgrimage.  Her brother, Fr Bernardo Acuña who lives in Rome and is close to the Corato priests will join us in Rome and Corato for the retreat. Amongst many treasures awaiting us we will meet the Sisters of the Divine Zeal and tour Luisa’s home. The president of the Luisa Piccarreta Association, Ms. Enza Arbore has lovingly agreed to organize and host a 2 day retreat in Corato, with the help of the members of the Luisa Piccarreta Association.  Don Sergio Pellegrini, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Trani, Vice Postulator and Spiritual Assistant of the Luisa Piccarreta Association, will join us along with members of the association.  I believe this pilgrimage is going to be an amazing gift. There will be people joining us from all over the world and we already have 10 or more from Mexico who have committed to going.  This will be a Spanish and English pilgrimage and will be translated to the language necessary. 

Currently we are still in the planning stages awaiting the possibility of having our dear friend and the spiritual guide of the Little Children of the Divine Fiat, well known and esteemed Divine Will teacher, Fr. Dave Leon join the pilgrimage. Also Fr. Alvaro Riquelme, Redemptorist priest, Teacher of the Divine Will and Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Diocese of Raleigh, NC. Please pray for Fr. Dave and Fr. Al as they discern their parish needs and coverage in the event they can attend.

The following important places are on the itinerary. We will have more details soon:

4 nights in Rome, 1 night in Siena, 2 nights in Assisi, visit to Loreto, 1 night

Montesilvano, visit Manopello and Lanciano, 4 nights Corato, including 2 day Retreat, 2 nights San Giovanni Rotondo

To provide more information to those interested, especially the cost and pilgrimage details, please contact me via email: and I will place you on the group email for the Italy Pilgrimage.

I will continue to update this section of the website as new information becomes available. We also welcome any comments you might have here on this thread below.


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If we want to take a direct flight from our hometown, how does that work with meeting up in Rome?


Jeff Z
Jeff Z
5월 04일

If anyone has any specific questions related to the Pilgrimage please feel free to post here and/or discuss this planned event.

Thank You

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