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Exploring the Path of Journeying within the Divine Will with Steve Faucher

Updated: Jan 28

We've invited Steve to share some of his knowledge and love for the Divine Will in a format that will solicit questions and discussion from interested readers......

Wanting What God Wants


                                                                 (Volume 36  5/10/38)


“How beautiful it is to live in my Will!  The creature places herself in Our same conditions, such that whatever We want, she wants as well.  This is the holiest thing, the greatest, the noblest, full of majesty and purity: wanting what God wants.  No other act can reach so sublime a height, such an infinite value: as wanting what God wants.  God is Holy and Pure, He is Order and Goodness; by wanting what God wants, the creature wants what is holy pure, good, and with the fullness of order.  She feels reborn in God, and does what God does,  God does everything, embraces everything, moves with all ; and she concurs in whatever God does.  Can she ever do any greater good?  There is nothing that can reach or surpass the living in my Will.  Therefore, live always in my Fiat, and we will be happy- you and I.”



Divine Will family,

Jeff has asked me to start a blog where I could post and share various Divine Will topics for reflection.

I’ve decided to say yes and I hope it will be a place of refreshment for each one of us.  My hope is that it will provide a quiet repose away from all the clutter that seeks to rob us of our peace.


So I have chosen as a point of imagery that we meet together in the womb of Mother Mary along with baby Jesus.  This is the place where we can all come to find one another as we dwell in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.  This I felt would be a wonderful choice of time and place where everything can be discussed and prayed right here in this “one eternal act always present to us” in the Fiat of Redemption, where we join into every act of Jesus and Mary fused together as we call forth the “coming of the kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven”.


I have chosen the title of this blog to be: “Wanting What God Wants”, which is beautifully explained in the Volume entry above.  Hopefully that title will resound in the hearts of each one of us.  A very singular desire, a very singular glance, a very singular purpose.  There really is no other desire or goal for any of us who are seeking to live in His holy Will is there?  In fact, with that heart felt desire coupled with nestling with Jesus and Mary within her womb, we will find peace, and a perfect place to bring loving comfort and compassion to their suffering and to their joy.


So for today, in our first coming together, let us take one thought to masticate and to ask the Lord to bring it deeper into our heart mind and soul where it takes it full root.


Looking at the first sentence from the Volume (above) we see where Jesus says: The creature places herself in Our same conditions, such that whatever We want, she wants as well.

Lord, help us to say “Yes” – “Fiat” to all that means. Do I really want whatever it is that you want?  Because I’m thinking now that the one thing you want more than anything else is that man would say no to their human will and “YES” to your precious Divine Will. Oh Lord, how you ache for the love of your children, how you are tortured from the indifference, apathy, and worse- scorn that creatures pour on you!  And all of this because they are driven by the desires of their own human will, desires that consume their own passions with no place of honor for You who are our Creator and Father.  Oh Jesus from this moment on may I Repair you for all that souls refuse to rightly give you. As I dwell in

Mother Mary’s womb with you and every soul from all time I call forth the coming of the kingdom to reign in the hearts and souls of everyone now and forever. And wanting what you want, we cover their acts in your Divine Will to please the Father.  We impetrate graces for every soul to be disposed to receive your inspirations for conversion.  Lord, may I never lose sight of your want above all of your wants…

that souls leave their human will and lovingly come to your Divine Will.


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Jeff Z
Jeff Z
Jan 29

Thank you Steve for answering the call and sharing your thoughts with us. I am reminded throughout the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will how Mary tells Luisa not to worry that she has got our backs, if and only if, we surrender our human will and enter into the Divine Will. All of us are so familiar with the Divine Mercy and the mantra...Jesus, I Trust In YOU, and now.....likewise, Mary, We Trust In YOU, as well. What peace to know that we can cry out to her and be heard, climb onto Her Maternal Knees or into Her Immaculate Heart.....and she will never leave us undefended and without Her support and guidance. Keeping us w…

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