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Page II, Readings and suggestions by Alejandra Acuña

* Love Jesus with his own Love *.

    "And you, what do you want? Tell me, do you love me very much? How would you want to love me?"
I told him: “Lord, I would want nothing  but You.
    And if you ask if I love you, I have no words to be able to express it;  I can only  say that I feel this passion that no one may prevail over me in loving you, that I may be the first to love you above everyone and no one may be able to surpass me.
    But this still doesn't make me happy.  To be happy I would like to love you with your own love so that I may be able to love you as you love yourself.  Ah yes! Only then will my concerns about loving you cease."
And Jesus, pleased, one can say, with my 'nonsense', held me so close to Himself that I saw myself transmuted into Him inside and out, and * He communicated to me part of His love *.  (Vol. 4; 6/Jan/1901)

 “My daughter, only one who has emptied everything within himself and filled himself with Me can only be truly worthy of Me, so as to form himself into an object entirely of divine love, so much so that he must reach for my love to form his life and to love me not with his love but *with my love.*”
    Then he added:
    "What do those words mean: 'He has put down the mighty from their thrones and exalted the lowly?' That the soul, emptying itself completely of itself, fills itself completely with God, and loving God with God himself, God exalts the soul to an eternal love.
    And *this is the true and greatest exaltation and at the same time true humility.*”
Then he continued:
    "The true sign to know if this love is possessed is: if the soul is occupied with nothing else than only loving God, making him known and making everyone love him."

    * _ Reread talking with Jesus, telling him I want to love him with his own love of himself .  Ask him to communicate part of his love to me.  That his love may shape my life, and that I may love God with God himself, etc._
    * Pay more attention that everything I do is to love God with the same love  he loves himself and to make others love him .

Acts of love to Jesus with his love.

 (Vol. 10; 28/Nov/1910
By Luisa Piccarreta
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 Finding myself in my usual state, I saw my always lovable Jesus. In my interior 
I felt myself  all transformed in  the love of my beloved Jesus; now I would find  myself inside of Jesus  bursting into  acts of love together with Jesus ,  * loving  as Jesus loves *, but... I am unable to say it, I lack the words;  and now  I would find my sweet Jesus in me and I alone would  burst into acts of love, while Jesus would listen to me telling me:
   "Say it , say it!  Repeat it  again!  Soothe Me  with your love.  Lack of love (to God) *has thrown the world into a web of vices.*”
   And He would remain silent in order to listen to me and I would repeat  again the acts of love.
    I will say the little  I remember:
"In every moment , in every hour , I want to love You with all my heart.
    In every  breath of my life, while breathing I will love You;  in every beat of my heart, Love, love I will repeat. 
    In every  drop of my blood, Love, love I will cry out;  In every  movement of my body, Love alone I will embrace.
    Of love alone I only want to speak, at love alone I want to look, to love alone I want to listen, always of love I want to think. 
   With  love alone I want to burn, with love alone I want to be consumed, only love I want to enjoy , only love I want to content. 
   From love alone  I want to live, and   within love I want to die.
    In every instant, in every hour ,  I want to call everyone to love.
   Only  and always together with Jesus and in Jesus I shall live, into His Heart  I will sink  myself and together with Jesus and with His Heart, Love, love, I will love You...

    * _Pray asking Jesus with the first part of the chapter: that I want him to give me his love, fill me all, transform me into his love, to be able to do acts of love with his same divine, eternal, unlimited love, _.
    * Then tell him those acts of love written by Luisa and repeat   acts of love during my daily activities, knowing that my beloved Jesus likes them, desires them and is flooded of  all the lack of love from me and others .

The love of the soul makes Jesus happy. (From volume 10 of Luisa Piccarreta victim soul and mystic in the process of beatification) 

Continuing my usual state, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen crying and I did everything I could to calm Him. The Celestial Mama brought Him to me to calm Him, and I tried to do as much ascI could, kissing Him, caressing Him, squeezing Him to myself, and saying to Him : “What do you want from me? Don't you want love to be able to make you happy and calm your tears? Doesn't you want love to make You happy and calm your crying ? Have You not told me other times that your happiness is my love? And I love You, very, very much, - but  I love You  together with You*, because by myself I don't know how to love You; Give me your burning breath that it may melt my whole being into a flame of loves, and then I  will love You  for all, I will love You with all, I will love You in the  hearts of all...” (15/Jan/1911) 

I spent like six days immersed in the love of my blessed Jesus, to the point that, at times, I felt I could take no more , and I would day to Jesus: “Enough, enough, I can’t take no more!” I feel like I was in  a bath of love that penetrated deep into the bone marrow. Now Jesus would  speak to me of  love and of how much He  loved me, and now I would speak of love to  Him. The beautiful thing is that  sometimes Jesus would not Himself be seen, and I, swimming in this bath of love, would feel the circle of my poor nature crack; O would lament to Him,and  He would whispered in my ear: “Love is I , and if you feel love, it is sure that I am with you." 
Other times,as  I would lament, He would  say in my ear, but all of a sudden : "Luisa, you are my Paradise  on earth and your love renders  Me happy". And I: “Jesus, my Love , what are you saying ? Do you want to make fun of me? You are already happy because of Yourself; why do You   say you are happy because of me? And he: “Listen to me carefully , my daughter, and you will comprehend what I am telling you: There is no created thing that does not receive life from my Heart. All creatures are like many cords  that come from my Heart and have life from Me; By necessity and naturally, everything they do is all reflected  in my Heart, be it even one movement.As a consequence , - if they do evil, if they don't love Me*, they give me continuous bother: that cord resounds in my Heart with  sounds of displeasures, of bitterness, of sins, and forms in it such lugubrious ( gloomy) sounds as to render Me unhappy on the part of that cord or life that comes  from Me. On the other hand, - if it loves Me  and is all intent on contenting Me, that cord  gives Me continuous pleasure and forms festive and sweet sounds, which harmonize with my own Life ; and on the part of that cord,  I enjoy so much as to be rendered happy and to enjoy my own Paradise because of it. If you comprehend well all this, you  will no longer say that I make fun of you.” And here  is what I told Him  about love and what Jesus would say (I will say it with some nonsense and perhaps disconnected because my mind  does not fully adapt to words): 
- Oh my Jesus! Love you are, you are all love and love I want, love I desire, for love I long , love I supplicate, and Love I implore of You.
Love invites me, love is my life, love kidnaps my heart into the womb of my Lord.

With Love He inebriates me, with Love He delights me , I , all alone , and only in  for you and You,  alone, and only for me! 

Now that we are alone, shall we speak about Love? 
O please! ,let me comprehend how much You love me because only in your heart can one comprehend Love. 
- “Do you want me to speak to You  of  Love? Listen, my beloved daughter: my Life  is Love: if I breathe, I love you; If my  Heart beats,  my heartbeat says to  you 'Love , Love '... I am mad  with Love  for you! If I move, I add Love for you, with Love  I inundate you, with Love I surround you, with Love I caress you, with Love I dart   through you. 
With Love I flash through you, with Love I attract you, ...” - Enough, enough, oh my Jesus, for now ! I already feel faint with Love sustain me in your arms, enclose  me in your Heart, and from  within your Heart, let me too give vent  to my Love, otherwise I die of Love,….( continue meditating the whole passage in you book) 

Feb/8/1911) _


Suggestions :*_ * Continue meditating on the love of Jesus towards me and how my love, united to his, makes him happy. * Do more acts of love for Jesus for everyone, with everyone and in all, immersing myself first in His  Love, in His Heart , in His  Will.

The 'I love you' of the soul in the Divine Will

 (From Vol. 11, 2/Oct/1913
by Luisa Piccarreta
victim or mystic soul
in Beatification Process.)

   Having received Communion I  was saying to Jesus: 'I love you!'  and he told me:
    "My daughter , do you really want to love Me? Say:
    *'Jesus, I love you with your Will'*,
and since  my Will fills Heaven and earth,
- your love will surround me everywhere and
- your "I love you" will be echoed up there in Heaven and
- down at the bottom of the abysses.
    In the same way , if you want to say : 'I adore you, I bless you, I praise you, I thank you...' you will say it united with my Will and * will fill Heavens and Earth with adorations, blessings, praises, thanksgiving *.
   In my Will things  are simple, easy and immerse !
    My Will is everything, so much so that my very attributes what are they?  A simple act of my Will. So  if Justice, Goodness, Wisdom,Fortitude follow their course, my Will precedes them, accompanies them and places them in an attitude of operating *. In sum, *they do not move  one  point from my Volition.
    Therefore, whoever takes my Will takes everything,even  more, she can say that her life is  ended- ended the  weaknesses, the temptations, the passions, the miseries;*, because  all things loose their rights in one who does my Will,  *for my Will has primacy over everything and right to everything."

    * _Continue doing many acts of love or 'I love you' to Jesus, but now, in addition to the intention to do it with His Love, tell Him 'with your Will', to make it immense and fill Heaven and Earth with Love, and please Jesus more.
    * The same thing, in the morning, at night, come to prayer and communion, when eating and in my other acts , now say 'I adore you, I bless you, I praise you, I thank you, I give you glory with your Will, with you, with everyone and in everyone...'
    * Reread and try to reflect how the Divine Will is everything in God, it is the center of him, and directs all his attributes and how these depend totally on God's Will.  Then reflect that the Divine Will also wants to be my center and when I call it , it comes with the divine attributes to fill my actions, my love, my gratitude, my praise... and it  overcomes my weaknesses, passions, miseries... What an immense grace!

Jesus wants the soul to have full confidence in him.

 (From the Book of Heaven
by Luisa Piccarreta
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 Continuing my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made himself look all afflicted and *I was around Him, all intent on compassionating  Him, loving Him, embracing Him and consoling Him, with all the fullness of confidence *, and my sweet Jesus told me:
“My daughter, *you are my contentment *.
    * I like it this way: that the soul*
-* forgotten * herself and her miseries, * and occupies herself *
- *only with Me *,
- of my afflictions,
- of my bitterness,
- of my love, and
- with all confidence be with Me. This confidence captures my Heart and inundates me with so much joy, that just as the soul forgets all of herself for Me, so I forget everything for her, I make one single thing for Me, and I get the point of not only to giving her, but of letting her take everything she wants.  (It is very important to have this attitude of total trust to work in the Divine Will).
    On the contrary, the soul that does not forget everything for Me, even its miseries, and *wants to be with Me
- respectfully,
- with fear and
- without the confidence that captures my heart
- and as if she wanted to be restrained with Me and all reserved,
   to this one I give nothing and she can take nothing, because she lacks the key of confidence, ease and simplicity, all necessary things for Me to give and for her to take;  so, *she with miseries she comes she and with miseries she remains *." (Vol. 10, 19/May/1911)

    "My daughter, the souls who  will shine the most like bright gems in the crown of my mercy, are the souls who  have more trust, because *the more trust  they have, the more they give space for the attribute of my Mercy to pour onto them  any grace they want. *
    On the other hand , the soul that *doesn't have true trust *, herself
- closes the graces within Me
-remaining always poor and unequipped, while 
- My love remains constrained within Me and I suffer very much.
    And in order not to suffer so much and to be able to pour my love more freely, I deal more with those souls who trust than with the others, because with them I can pour out  my love, I can play,  I can cause loving contrasts, since there is no worry that they might take offense or become fearful; on the contrary!, they become more brave and take everything in order to love me more.
    Therefore*trusting souls*
- are *the outpouring * and
- the amusement of my love,
-  *the ones who receive more graces *
- and , the richest".
(Vol. 11, April 10, 1912)

    * Reread meditating and conversing with Jesus, telling Him that I want to have more confidence in Him, like a little girl with Him, and learn or increase that attitude of loving trust in prayer and in all my life, despite my miseries.
    * _ Keep doing acts of love, worship, appreciation, glory, repair, comfort, etc.  in the Divine Will, with greater confidence and intimacy, knowing that it pleases him very much and for that he created and redeemed us._

Need for constancy in doing good.

 (From Vol. 7, 30/Jan/1906
Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

    “My daughter, how necessary that the soul be constant in doing the good that it has begun, because, although the soul had a beginning, it will have no end.  And since it has no end, * it is necessary that it be uniformed in the manner of the Eternal God *: God is just, he is holy, he is merciful, he is the One who contains everything, but perhaps for a day?  No, but always, always.
    Thus the soul, not should be one day patient, humble, obedient, and another day impatient, proud, capricious... because
- these are broken virtues;
- it is a mixture of black and white, light and darkness;
- everything is disorder, everything is confusion and
- the ways are very unlike those of its Creator.
    In such a soul there is continual war, because passions wage  war against her, 
-the passions, which, being frequently nurtured, they hope  their  victory in theirs;
- the demons,
- the creatures, and even
- the same virtues, which, seeing themselves disappointed, make fierce war against her and end up nauseating her,
    And if those souls are saved... oh, how much the fire of purgatory will have to do!
    On the other hand, for the constant soul everything is peace, because constancy keeps 
- be all in order;
- the passions feel dying and who, being close to dying, thinks of making war on someone?  Constancy
- is a sword that puts everything to flight;
- it is a chain that binds all the virtues, so that the soul feels caressed by them continuously and
- the fire of Purgatory will not have to work to do , because constancy ordered everything * and *made it similar to the ways of the Creator.”

    * Reread it transforming it into a prayer and firm purpose to be constant.
    * Review the titles of the previous topics and renew the decision to exercise them, (such as the attention to reject sin and live in grace, the right intention in all acts, full confidence, continually loving God and neighbor, etc. .) to be constant in good.

Justice before God

 (Luisa Piccarreta
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 - "Lord, who can be found in justice?"
And He: One who does not commit serious sins and refrains from committing the slightest venial sins of his own free will." (vol. 6; June 20/1904)

    "You must not only be upright (in your actions and intentions) but just . 
Into Justice enters *loving Me , *
*praising Me *
glorifying Me,
thanking Me,
blessing Me,
repairing Me,
adoring Me, 
not only for oneself, but for all other creatures. These are the rights of Justice which I demand from each creature, and which are due to Me as Creator, and one who denies to Me even one of these rights, can never be called just. Therefore, think about fulfilling your duty of justice, for in Justice you will find the beginning, the means and the end of sanctity.”

    * _ Reflect how perhaps in the past I have not met all aspects of justice before God.  Ask for forgiveness and help to live in justice and doing my part to live like this._
    * To also reflect on how hardly anyone lives in justice and to make a firm commitment to live and work in the Divine Will to give God, our Creator and most loving Father, everything that we all owe Him, continuously.

The most sublime state is to undo our will in God's and live only by His Will.

 (Vol. 3; 21/May/1900
Luisa Piccarreta
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 This morning my adorable Jesus did not come, but after waiting a long time he came and caressing me he told me:
"My daughter, do you know what my design is over you and the state I want from you?"
And stopping a little he added:
    “The design that I have on you is not of prodigious things and of many other things that I could work in you to show my work, but my design is to absorb you into my Will and make you one with It, and * make you a perfect example of uniformity of your will with mine *.
- is the most sublime state,
- is the greatest prodigy,
- is the miracle of miracles,
    It's what I want to do with you.
    My daughter, to arrive at making her Will perfectly one with ours, the soul must render herself invisible (rise to live in the spiritual world, which cannot be seen). She must imitate Me in that, while I fill the world by having it absorbed in Me and not Being absorbed in it, I make myself invisible and let no one see me.  This means that there is no matter in Me, but that everything is most pure Spirit.
    And if in my assumed Humanity I took matter, it was to resemble man in everything and give him a most perfect example of how to spiritualize this same matter.  (Living in the spiritual and divine plane with physical body and on Earth)
    Then, the soul must spiritualize everything (give spiritual and divine life to all acts) and become invisible in order to easily make its will one with my Will, because what is invisible can be absorbed in another object.  If * one
wants to make one  object out of two objects , it is necessary that one loses its own shape*, (the smallest, the imperfect, the poor, the miserable...) otherwise one could never arrive at forming one single being.
What fortune yours would be  if, by undoing yourself until you became invisible, you could receive a totally divine form.
    Moreover, when you remain absorbed in Me and I in you, forming a single being, (the will, the acts, not the person) you would come to retain in yourself the divine Source (the Divine Will), and as my Will contains all the good that can exist, you would come to contain
- all goods,
- all gifts,
- all graces * and *you wouldn't have to look for them elsewhere but in yourself.  And while virtues have no boundaries, yet, when the creature remains in my Will according to where she can reach  (virtues in the human way), she will find their limit, because my Will makes it possible to acquire the most heroic and sublime virtues that the creature * alone can not acquire * (virtues in divine mode).
It is so great the height of perfection of the soul undone in my Will is such that she reaches the point of operating like  God*, and this is not surprising, because as her will no longer lives in her but the Will of God himself , all amazement ceases, since living with this Will possesses the Power, Wisdom, Sanctity and all the other virtues that God himself contains.
It is enough to tell you, to make you fall in love and cooperate as much as you can on your behalf to reach so much, that the soul that comes to live only from my Will
- is queen of all queens and
-her throne is so high that it reaches the throne of the Eternal One and
- enter the secrets of the most august Trinity
-and she participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  oh how
- she is honored by all the angels and saints,
- men admire her
- and the demons fear her,
discovering in her the Divine Being!”
Ah Lord, when will you make me come to this because by myself  I can do nothing!
Who can say what the Lord infused in me, through intellectual light, about this *uniformity of wills *?  The height of those concepts is so great that my not well-trained tongue has no words to express them.  I could barely say this little, although with nonsense, of what the Lord with vivid light made me understand.  (This is the first time that Jesus speaks to her clearly about making her will one with the Divine, of acting and living in her and of some qualities and effects of this).

     * Reread reflecting, conversing with Jesus and asking him to help me get to all this .
    * Thank God for Luisa, her life, her writings and for having called me to know and live in His Will.

Steps that are done in the Will of God.

 (Vol. 6, 8/Nov/1905
Luisa Piccarreta
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 “My daughter, the soul that resigns itself to my Will happens like someone who, approaching to see an appetizing food,
- feel the desire to eat it, and when the desire is aroused
- go to savor that food and
-* to transmute it * into his flesh and his blood.
   Had he not 
- seen the succulent food,
- the desire would not have been born*,
- and wouldn't have been able to * taste it * and
- would have continued staying fasting.
    This is resignation to the soul.  As soon as she 
- is resigned, in the same resign
- perceives a divine light and this light
- clears the fog that prevents her from seeing God, and seeing Him, 
-she desires to enjoy Him and while she enjoys Him
- feels like eating Him , in such a way as to 
- feel God Himself all transmuted into herself.
- the first step is resignation,
- the second is desiring to do the Will of God in everything,
-the third is * to make of It one’s continuous exquisite food  *,
- the fourth is * to consummate God's Will into herself*.
    But if she doesn't take the first step, she will be fasting from God."

    * When reading, ask Jesus to help me take each step described in the Divine Will, to make it my continuous food and to be transmuted into It.
    * To ask the same for all my relatives and all humanity.
    * Pay attention to seeking the Will of God in the different acts, do it and wo
rk in It.

*The consummation of the human will in the Divine is the Supreme Unity *

 (Vol. 9; 1/Nov/1910
Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

    “My daughter, the Supreme Unity is when the soul reaches such a closeness of union with my Will that it consumes any shadow of her will, in such a way that it is no longer possible to distinguish which is my Will and which is hers.  Then my Will becomes the life of this soul, in such a way that *anything that I dispose;
- over  her, as well as,
- over others,
    She is content with everything, everything seems convenient for her:
- death,
- life,
- the cross,
- poverty,
- etc.,
    -she looks at all of them as * her own things * and that * they serve to maintain her Life *.
    She reaches such an extent ,  that not even  chastisements frighten her any more , but in everything she is content with the Divine Will, so much so that it seems to her that if I want it, she wants it, and if she wants it, the Lord does it;  I do what she wants and she does what I want.  This is the last breath of the consummation of your will in Mine, which I have asked of you so many times, but that obedience and charity with your neighbor have not allowed you; so much so, that many times I have surrendered to you by not chastising, but you have not surrendered to Me, to the point that I am forced to hide from you….
If I had you with Me, with my Will, in the act of scourging, the scourge would have diminished, because there is no greater power, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, than a soul that is consummated in my Will in everything and by everything;  this soul comes to debilitate  me and disarms me as she pleases.  This is the Supreme Unity.
    There is also the low union, in which the soul is resigned to my Will, yes, but does not see my dispositions
- as her things,
- as her life,
- nor does she delight  in my Will,
-nor * lose her will in Mine *.
    I look  at this one, yes, but she doesn't make me fall in love nor going mad for her, as * I do for those of the Supreme Unity does*”.

    * Reread and reflect if there is anything in my life or in others in which my will is not one with the Divine Will.  To ask Him to help me reach the total consummation of my will in His, to live in the Supreme Unity.
    * _To ask that He enlightens everyone, especially the souls who are learning these teachings and want to work and live in the Divine Will, that He 
enlightens them and helps them to effectively consummate all their will in the Divine Will ._

The true practical Consummation.

    “My daughter life is a continuous consummation. Some
- they consume it for pleasures;  others,
- for creatures, some 
- to sin, others
- for interest, some
- for whims...
    There are many kinds of consummation.  And the one who forms this consummation all in God can say with complete certainty:
    'Lord, my life has been consumed with love for you, and not only have I consumed myself, but I have died only for love of you.'(...)
    And if you consume your being for Me, as great * as the consummation of yourself is, *so much do you acquire of the  divine within yourself.”(Vol. 6; 14/Jul/1904)

 "My daughter, I want the true consummation in you, not imaginary but true and in a simple and feasible way.
    Suppose a thought came to you that is not for Me, you must destroy it and substitute it with the divine . In this way * you will have formed *the consummation of human thought and acquired the life of divine thought.
    Thus , if the eye wants to look at something that displeases Me or that does not refer to Me and the soul mortifies herself , she has consummated the human eye and has acquired the eye of divine life.
    And so of the rest of your being.
    Oh, how I feel these *new divine lives flowing in Me and how they take part in all my work!  I love these lives so much that for love of them I surrender everything.  These souls are first before Me and if I bless them, through them others are  blessed. They are the first to be benefited and loved and through them the rest are benefited and loved". (Vol. 11; 21/May/1913)

    * Reflect that: either I am consumed by things that will expire and that do not bring me spiritual and eternal benefits, on the contrary, they indebt me with God, or I am consumed by God, in His Will, with immense benefits and effects for me and for others.  Meditate on those divine benefits.
    * Practice what Jesus teaches in thoughts, words, desires, looks, prayers, etc., to consummate the human and rise to the divine.

Jesus wants us to meditate on his Passion.

(From Vol. 1 by Luisa Piccarreta Victim soul and mystic in process of beatification)


" dispose your heart to do what I want from you, that is, the imitation of my life, I want you to immerse in the immense sea of My Passion, and when you have understood well - the acerbity of my sorrows, - the love with which I suffered them, - who am I, who suffered so much - and who  are you,  most vicious creature, ah!, your heart will dare not oppose Me * the blows, *on the cross, that only for your good, I have prepared for you *. What is more, just thinking that I, your Lord, have suffered so much, - your sorrows will seem shadows to you, compared to mine, - suffering will be  sweet and - you will become unable to be without suffering.” My nature trembled at the thought of suffering, I asked him to give me the strength, for without him, I would have served myself of his own gifts to offend the donor. * I believe *that all good has come from this source I saw the passion of Jesus Christ as an immense sea of light that with its innumerable rays wounded me all, that is: rays - of patience, - of humility, - of obedience and - of so many other Virtues; I saw myself all surrounded by this light and was stunned to see me so unlike Him. Those rays that flooded me were so many other reproaches that told me: - “A patient God, and you...? - A humble and subjugated God even to  his own enemies, and you? - A God who suffers so much for your love, and your sufferings for his love, where are they? Other times, Jesus himself narrated the sorrows for him suffered, and I was so moved, that I cried bitterly...


Suggestions : * Read, pray and meditate 'The hours of the Passion'. * Ask Jesus  that while intimately praying the  Hours of the Passion , they produce all its beneficial effects on me and on all creatures .

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