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Interested? Well Let's Get Started!

I thought I'd try and simplify this a bit for our new members and anyone else who would like to learn something about Living in the Gift of the Divine Will. Websites can be confusing at times, so I'm going to start out by posting several videos which should give you some basic background in what this is all about.

First, well is all this built on a solid and approved foundation within the Catholic Church? We've found this video by Daniel O'Connor to be very helpful in answering this important question.

Now let's review a couple of Basic instructional videos by Father Robert Young. This should give you a fairly good overview of the Gift in Living in the Divine Will.

Now that you've got some basic information, you might want to explore some of the writings of Luisa Piccaretta, which can be found here:

And just to make this easy to understand, we recommend the Drop Book Series.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave us a message.

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