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Page I, Readings and suggestions by Alejandra Acuña

To everything that is done with purity of intention, Jesus values ​​it as if it were done by Him.
Vol 3; 6/Nov/1899

...I was with my arms on the cross, suffering the pains of the crucifixion that Jesus himself had shared with me before, He took my arms and united them, tying them with a little gold cord. I said:
“My most sweet Love, I offer you these movements of my body that You yourself had me do as well as all the others that I may do myself , for the sole purpose of pleasing and glorifying You. Ah yes ! I would like even the movements of my eyelids of my eyes, my lips and all of myself, to be made *with the sole purpose of pleasing you alone *. Let it be , oh good Jesus, that all my bones, my nerves, may resound among themselves and with clear voices  attest to you my love.
And He told me:
"Everything that is done with the sole purpose of pleasing Me, shines before Me in such a way that it attracts my divine glances and pleases Me so much, that even to a movement of eyelashes I give the value as if it were done by me.
On the other hand, those other actions, which in themselves are good and even great, not done solely for Me, are like that muddy gold full of rust, which does not shine, and I don’t so much as look at them.”
And I: "Ah!Lord, how easy it is for our actions to get dirty with dust!"
And He: "One should not care about dust, because it can be shaken off, but what one must care about is the intention."

"It's not the great works that I look at, but the intention with which they are done; on this is all my attention." Vol 2; 7/May/1899

* Reread reflectively, repeating Luisa's intentions as my own, telling Jesus that I want to do every even minimal act with those intentions.
* Continue practicing these intentions in good or pious acts, because sometimes one thinks that it is enough that they are good and they are done with other intentions: one's own taste, the desire to please creatures, to be recognized, admired or praised, self-love, looking good, habit, so as not to feel bad, etc. And that leaves them without light and without pleasing Jesus.
* Also practice purity of intention in indifferent, involuntary and minimal acts, with the certainty that the right and pure intention gives them glow and attracts and pleases God and Jesus gives them the value of His own acts.

Lord God fashioned man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

When the Lord breathed into Adam his own life, he breathed into him his Divine Will but with  free will to give it life or not.
By disobeying and not giving life to the Will of God, he leaves Eden (From the Gift of living in the Divine Will).
staying in the dark.
With sin we close and put up barriers to the Divine Will and each time we remain in more darkness.

Now the Lord wants to give this Gift to this generation that is plunged into darkness and just as with his will Adam comes out of it, now with our will we can say fiat (in imitation of our Mother who with her Fiat, the Word is incarnated in her ) and Jesus will become incarnate in us; live together with a single will.

In the measure that ee open the door of our heart, of our soul to the Divine Will, our intelligence, and will... expand and fill with the Light of the Divine Will and the creature on earth begins to taste life in Eden.

Reparations and praises along with Jesus.
Vol 4;  5/Jan/1900

 Luisa that day participated in the crucifixion of Jesus and then told him:
“Do you want some reparations ?  Let's do them together!  Thus my repairs joined with yours will have the effects of yours, because by myself I think you will dislike them more..."
Then I took his hand that was dripping with blood and kissing it I prayed the 'Laudate Dominum' with the 'Gloria Patri', Jesus prayed one part and I the other, to repair the many bad works that are committed, putting the intention of praising him as many times for how many offenses you receive for bad works.  How moving it was to see Jesus pray!
Then I continued to do the same with the other hand, * setting the intention to praise him as many times as many offenses he receives for everyone's sins.*
Then the feet with * the intention of praising him as many times for how many bad steps and for how many crooked paths were done still under the guise of piety and holiness *.
Finally, the heart, with the intention of praising him as many times the human heart does not beat, does not love, does not desire God.
My beloved Jesus seemed all relieved with these repairs made together with Him.

* Reread slowly with the will to have the same intentions as Luisa.
* Repeat these intentions to join Jesus in reparations and praises of him when praying a vocal prayer, at Holy Mass or during the day, in any act, if we see situations of sins.
* This is how I will be putting into practice the previous teachings: melting into Jesus, being similar to Him in action and intention, maintaining the spirit of continuous prayer and I will be expanding the right intention.

Volume 4

September 4, 1901

Gratitude is the key to open the treasures of God. Ardors of the Heart of Jesus for the glory of the Divine Majesty and the good of souls. What the soul can do to fill the voids of His glory on the part of creatures.

As my adorable Jesus continued to come, this morning, as I saw Him, I felt such a yearning to ask Him whether He had forgiven my sins; so I said to Him: ‘My sweet Love, how I yearn to hear from your lips whether You have forgiven my many sins.’ Jesus drew close to my ear, and with His gaze He seemed to scrutinize all of my interior; and He told me: “Everything is forgiven, and I remit them. There is nothing left in you but a few defects committed by you in passing, without realizing it – and I remit those as well.”

After this, it seemed that Jesus placed Himself behind my shoulders, and touching my back with His hand, He fortified it thoroughly. Who can say what I felt at that touch? I can only say that I felt a refreshing fire, a purity united to a fortitude. Then, after He touched my back, I prayed Him to do the same to my heart, and Jesus, to content me, condescended. Afterwards, it seemed to me as if blessed Jesus was tired because of me, and I said to Him: ‘My sweet Life, You are tired because of me, aren’t You?’ And He: “Yes, at least be grateful for the graces I am giving you, because gratitude is the key to be able to open as one pleases the treasures that God contains. Know, however, that what I did to you will serve to preserve you from corruption, to strengthen you, and to dispose your soul and body for the eternal glory.”

After this, He seemed to transport me outside of myself, and He made me see the multitude of the peoples, and the good which they can do, but do not, and therefore the glory which God must receive, but does not. All afflicted, Jesus added: “My beloved, my Heart burns for the honor of my glory and the good of souls. For each good they omit, my glory and their souls receive a void. Even if they do no evil, by not doing the good they could do, they are like those empty rooms which, though beautiful, contain nothing to be admired, nothing which strikes one’s gaze, and therefore their owner receives no glory. If then they do one good and neglect another, they are like those rooms all vacated, in which one can see just a few objects, with no order. My beloved, come and take part in these pains, in the ardors which my Heart feels for the glory of the Divine Majesty and the good of souls, and try to fill these voids of my glory. You can do this by letting not a single moment of your life pass without being united to my Life; that is, in all your actions, be they prayer or suffering, rest or work, silence or conversation, sadness or joy, and even in the food you take – in sum, in everything that may happen to you, you will place the intention of giving Me all the glory which others should give Me in that action, and of making up for the good they should do, but do not, intending to repeat this intention for as much glory as I do not receive, and for as much good as they omit. If you do this, you will somehow fill the void of the glory which I must receive from creatures, and my Heart will feel a refreshment in my ardors; and from this refreshment rivulets of grace will flow for the good of mortals, which will infuse in them more fortitude to do good.” After this, I found myself inside myself.


Reflect if in my life I have omitted to do good, not only in terms of external works, but in putting the right intention in my actions. They are the voids of love and glory to God that I have and have caused to Him, afflicting Him. Also, think about what all the other people have done and do too...

Jesus teaches me and invites me to grieve with Him and to fill those gaps. Tell Him that I accept from now on to do it.

Have the intention to unite my life with that of beloved Jesus, unite all my actions to his, with the intentions that he says in the lesson, to unite my intentions to his and to have the same intentions as Jesus'.

Practice it in all the acts of the day.

Listening to this explanation about Jesus and how He worked, to know more about him and unite more with Him:

Effectiveness of the intentions 
Vol 4; 9/9/1901

This morning my adorable Jesus was not coming . Then while my mind was occupied contemplating the mystery of the crowning of thorns, I remembered that when I was occupied at other times with this mystery, the Lord was pleased to remove the crown of thorns from his head and to place it on mine, and I said in my interior :
‘Ah Lord! I am no longer worthy of suffering your thorns.’
And He suddenly came and told me:
“My daughter, when you suffer my own thorns you relieve me, and in suffering them yourself , I feel completely free from those pains.
When you humble yourself and believe yourself unworthy of suffering them, you repair for the sins of pride that are committed in the world."
And I added:’Ah Lord,
- for as many drops of blood as you shed,
- for as many thorns as you suffered 
- for as many wound you suffered
so much glory do I intend to give you for as much glory as all creatures should give you if the sin of pride did not exist, and so many graces do I intend to ask of you for all creatures, so that this sin be destroyed.”
While he was saying this, I saw that Jesus contained the whole world within Himself *, like a machine contains objects inside. *All creatures moved within Him, *and *Jesus moved towards them, and it seemed that
- Jesus would received the glory of my intention
- and *that creatures had returned to Him in order to receiver the good impetrated by me for them *.
I remained stupefied and Jesus, seeing my stupefaction, said:
“This all seems surprising, doesn’t it? what you have done seems a trivial thing , yet it is not so. 
How much good could be done by repeating these intentions, and it is not done?

* As always, reread repeating Luisa's intentions as your own and then practice putting this type of intention of glory, love, reparation, consolation to Jesus and petition thanksgiving for all, in daily acts.
* In a very practical way Our Lord is teaching the soul to unite its actions to His, its intentions to His, towards the Father and towards human beings, in a word: to make the human will of the soul one with the Divine and work in the Divine Will like Jesus did and with Him.
* You also begin to see that praying and working in the Divine Will is not a formula that must be repeated, but that everything is continually being done, putting intentions like Jesus did , always first towards God giving him  glory, love, reparation, praise. .. and then towards all the neighbor.  And new ones come out every time!

Continuation of the Life of Jesus in the soul.

 (From the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta, victim soul and mystic, in the Beatification Process)

 I continue doing what blessed Jesus taught me on the 4th of this month, although sometimes I get distracted, but when sometimes I forget, it seems like Jesus places Himself on guard in my interior and does it Himself for me. On seeing this, I blush and immediately unite myself with Him and I make the offering of whatever I am doing at that moment. Be it even a gaze , or a word, I keep saying:
"Lord, all that glory that creatures should give you with their mouths and do not give you, I intend to give it to you with mine, and I implore for them the grace to make good and holy use of the mouth, always uniting myself with the very  mouth of Jesus."
Now, while I was doing this in all my things, He came and told me:
“Here is the continuation of my Life, which was
- the glory of the Father and
- the good of souls.
If * you persevere in this *, * you will form my Life and I yours *;  you will be my breath and I will be yours."
After this Jesus placed Himself upon my heart in order to rest and I upon His  Heart, and it seemed that Jesus would draw His  breath from me and I would draw mine through Jesus.  What happiness!  What joy!  What a celestial life I experienced in that position!  May the Lord be always thanked  and blessed, who uses so many mercies with this sinner!

* Reread repeating Luisa's intention and add more intentions that occur to me.
* Reflect on the other teachings of this chapter to encourage me and continue putting it into practice:
- Notice  how  Luisa learned to set these intentions and was growing in them,
- how  in reality these intentions and interior offerings belong to Jesus , and He makes them in my soul with me,
- _how Jesus wants me to be more attentive to put these good intentions in all my actions in imitation of Himself, _
- also how he wants perseverance in acting like this, so I grow in unity of life and actions with Jesus.
- Notice that  to work like this is the Life of Jesus in me and I in Jesus. It  is Jesus who lives in me effectively, it is "life of heaven" here on earth.  It is the true purpose of Communion.

Immense effects of an offer by Luisa to repair and glorify Jesus for all.

 (From the Book of Heaven,
Vol 4;  3/Oct/1901,

Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystical soul,
in process of Beatification)

 Having received Communion, I was thinking about how to offer something more special to Jesus to testify to my love and give him greater happiness, so I told him:
   “My most beloved Jesus, I offer you my heart for your satisfaction and in eternal praise of  you, and I offer you all of myself, even the tiniest particles of my body, like as many walls to be placed before you*, in order to block any offense which might be given to you, accepting them all upon myself if it were possible and for your pleasure, until the day of judgment.  And since I want my offering to be complete and to satisfy you for all , I have the intention that all the pains I suffer when receiving the offenses upon me, reward you with all that glory that the saints who are in Heaven were supposed to give you when  they were on earth, that which the souls in Purgatory were  supposed to give you,  and that glory which  all men , past, present and future, owe you. I offer you for all  in general and for each one in particular.”
As soon as I finished saying it, Blessed Jesus, all moved by such an offer, told me:
"My beloved , you yourself cannot understand
- the great happiness *  you have given me *by offering yourself in this way;
  - you have healed all my wounds
  - and you have given me satisfaction for all past, present and future offenses, and
- I will take it into account for all eternity as the most precious gem that glorifies me eternally, and
- every time I will look at it I will give you new and greater eternal glory.
My daughter, there can be no greater obstacle that prevents the union between Me and the creatures and that opposes my Grace, than your own will.
    You, by offering me your heart for my satisfaction, have emptied yourself of yourself *, and by emptying yourself of yourself , *I will pour all of myself  into you and *from your heart a praise will come to me which will carry the same notes of the praises of my Heart *, that * I continually give to my Father to satisfy the glory that men do not give him *."
   And while I was saying this, I saw that, because of my offering, many rivers were coming out of all parts of myself which  poured over  Blessed Jesus, who then , with impetus and more abundantly, poured them over the entire Celestial Court, over Purgatory. and over all people.
    Oh!  Goodness of my Jesus to accept such a miserable offer and rewarding it  with so much grace!
   Oh! Prodigy of holy and pious intentions!  If in all our works, even trivial, we made use of them what trade would we not do?  How many eternal properties would we not acquire?  How much more glory would we not give to the Lord?...

    - As usual, reread repeating as mine the offer and all the intentions and effects.
    * Do it or make similar offerings of oneself and of our actions during the day.
    * _ Meditate on the immense effects that this inner work produces, thanking Jesus for giving me these teachings and the opportunity and grace to practice them.  To ask for more souls to know them and practice them._

Not only live for God, but in God.

Benefits of this.

 (Book of Heaven,
Vol 3;  July 9 and 10, 1900
Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystical soul,
in Beatification Process)

    "The soul truly mine must live not only  for God, but in God.
    You, try to live in Me, because in Me you will find the receptacle of all the virtues, and walking in the midst of them you will nourish yourself with their fragrance, so much so as to become replete and you yourself will do nothing*but give off light and celestial fragrance , because *to live in Me is true virtue, and it has the virtue of giving to the soul the same form as the Divine person in whom she dwells, and of transforming her into the same divine virtues with which she is nourished herself. 
    In living for God, the soul can be subject
- to disturbances,
- to bitterness,
- to being inconstant ,
- to feeling the weight of passions,
- to mingle with earthly things;
but in living in God no, everything is different, because the *most important thing * so that a person may enter to dwell inside another person, *is to lay down all that belongs to him *, that is:
- to strip oneself of everything,
- to leave one's own passions, in a word,
- leave everything,
to find everything in God.
    And when the soul has not only stripped herself but has slimmed down well, then will she be able
- to enter through the narrow door of my Heart to
- live in Me,
- according my way and
- from my own Life,
because, although my Heart is immerse , so much so, that there is no end to its boundaries, its door is very narrow and only those who are stripped of everything can enter into it.
    And this with reason, because * I am most holy*, I would never admit anything to live in Me which is foreign to my sanctity .
    Therefore, my daughter, try to live in Me and *you will possess the anticipated paradise.*”
Who can say everything I understood about this living in God?...

    * Reflect on the difference between living for God (offering Him your acts) and living in God, in the Heart of Jesus or in His Divine Will.
    * _ To do it, Jesus invites me daily to detach my heart from everything, give him everything, even myself and all my interior, .  Do it in prayer and during the day._
    * Ask Him to help me enter into Him to live in Him, in His way, His intentions and virtues, His life, His Will.
    * _ In practice, living in Him is what he taught in yesterday's lesson and in previous ones: working in Him, in his own Humanity.  And it is the culmination of union with Him, as explained in the "Glorifying Jesus" conference._

For each thing that the soul gives to God for love of Him, He will compensate it in Paradise.

 (Vol. 8; 7/Sep/1908

 Luisa Piccarreta
Victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

 These teachings are to encourage us to strip ourselves of everything and give everything to Jesus, as I was saying yesterday.

   “My daughter, the more things of which the soul deprives herself down here, the more she will have up there in Heaven.  So,
- the poorer on earth, the richer in Heaven;
-because the more she is deprived of tastes, pleasures, diversions, trips, walks on earth,the more  tastes and pleasures she will have in God.  Oh, how she will walk in the expanse of the Heavens, especially in the immeasurable heavens of God's attributes!  Because each attribute is one more Heaven, one more Paradise;  and among the blessed some barely enter, it can be said that they remain as at the beginning of the attributes of God;  others go half way, others even higher, and the further they go in the more they taste, enjoy, and amuse themselves .
    So, * one who leaves the earth takes Heaven *, even in the smallest things.
   Therefore it follows that:
- the  more one is despised, the more he is honored ;
- the smaller, the greater;
- the more submitted , more dominant ...
and so everything else.
    Yet, of all the mortals... who thinks of depriving himself of something on earth, to have it eternally in Heaven...?
Almost no one...!"

    “My daughter, for every * slightest pleasures of which the soul deprives herself in this life *for love of Me, so many more paradises I will give her in the next life.  So *one contentment less here, one paradise more there *.
    Imagine: how many privations you have suffered in these twenty years in bed because of Me , and how many more paradises will I give you in Heaven..."
    When I heard this, I said:
    “My Good, what do you say?  I feel honored and as a debtor to you, because You give me the opportunity to deprive myself of things  fir love of You, and You tell me that You will give me as many paradises?
    He replied: “It is precisely so."
Deo Gratias!
(Vol. 7; 10/Aug/1906)

    * Reread and talk to Jesus, giving him everything he says here and if something else occurs to me, also add it, to detach myself from everything from the heart, with the full confidence that He asks me for everything, not to leave me with nothing, but to fill me up of all that is eternal and above all of Him, who is the All.
    * Add the intentions of giving up everything only for love of Him, repairing for all the glory and love that all creatures do not give Him because of their attachments to earthly things

Sacrifice or mortify one's own will to make it one with the Divine Will.

 (From Vol. 1 by Luisa Piccarreta,
  mystic and victim soul
in Beatification Process)

    Jesus spoke to me and made me understand the need for the spirit of mortification.
“I want” he told me “that all your things, even the necessary ones * be done with a spirit of sacrifice *.  Look, your works cannot be recognized by Me as mine if they do not have the seal of mortification.  Just as the coin is not recognized by the peoples if it does not contain in itself the image of their king, in fact, it is despised and not taken into account, so your works, if they do not have the graft with my cross, cannot have any worth.
    Look, now it is no longer a question of destroying creatures (detachment), but of yourself, of making yourself die to live only in Me and in my own Life.  It is true that it will cost you more than what you have done, but have courage and do not fear!  You will not do it, but I, who will work in you...
The first thing I want you to mortify is your will.  That 'I' ('I want') must be destroyed in you.  I want you to have your will sacrificed as a victim before Me to make your will and Mine become one. Are you happy?"
"Yes, Lord," I answered, "but give me the grace, because I see that I can do nothing."
And He kept telling me: “Yes.  I myself will contradict you in everything and sometimes also through creatures.”

    * Reread talking to Jesus, telling Him that I want to do it like he is saying , learn to mortify or kill my will to make it one with His and give His Will life in my actions...
    * See, in everything that does not come out according to my will or my plan, it is Jesus himself who wants me to sacrifice my will to Him and set the intention to unite it to his and live it in the Divine Will.
    * _Thank Jesus for Luisa  , for his teaching  and   Luisa, for her life, her sacrifices, for  
putting into practice everything Jesus taught her and for writing it down so that it would reach me and do me so much good. _

The sacrifice of one's own will to God. To live in the Divine Will is continuous.

 Vol 6;  13/Sep/1904
by Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystic soul,
in Beatification Process.

 Finding myself in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made himself seen clasped to  me, * holding my heart in His hands * (the heart symbolizes the will), and looking at me fixedly He said to me:
“My daughter, when a soul * gives Me her will, she is no longer the master of doing what she pleases , otherwise * it would not be a true donation *;  because *the true donation is to continually sacrifice one's own will to the one to whom it was given.
    And this is a martyrdom of continuous attention that the soul offers to God ("I want your will to have it sacrificed as a victim before Me...")
    What would you say about a martyr who today offers to suffer any kind of penalty and tomorrow he retracts?  You would say that he has no real willingness to be martyred and that one day or another he will end up denying his faith.  This is what I tell the soul that does not let me do with its will what pleases Me and that now it gives it to Me and then it takes it away: 'My daughter, you are not willing to sacrifice yourself and to martyr yourself for Me, because the true martyrdom consists in continuity;  you may  be able to say you are resigned, uniformed, but not a martyr, and one day or another you may end up withdrawing from Me, making all of this child's game.'
    Therefore, * be attentive and leave Me  full freedom to do with you as I best please*."

    * Reread trying to understand each sentence, renewing the donation of my will to Jesus in each act I do , so that His Will works and reigns in each of my acts.
    * Daily renew this donation, with the purpose of being attentive during the day to maintain it and not withdraw my will from the hands of Jesus in any act.  Some acts will cost me more to sacrifice, but I can ask Jesus to  help me to keep them sacrificed.

Immense value of the Cross

 (From Vol. 1 by Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process)

    When Jesus had the goodness to come, he very often spoke to me of his Passion and tried to dispose my soul to imitate his life and his sorrows.  I remember him telling me:
“My spouse , virtues become weak if they are not confirmed and fortified by the graft of the cross.
    Before My coming to Earth, the sorrows, the confusions, the opprobriums, the slander, the pain, the poverty, the diseases, especially the cross were all considered as opprobriums, but since they were carried by Me they remained sanctified and divinized by my contact, so that they all changed their appearance and became sweet, pleasant, and the soul that has the good of having some of them is honored because it has received the vestment of Me, Son of God.
    And only those who only see and stop at the cortex of the cross, experience the contrary; finding it bitter, they are disgusted by it , they complain as if someone had done wrong to them.
    But those who penetrate into it, finding it tasty, form their happiness in it.
    My beloved daughter, I yearn for nothing else  than to crucify you, body and soul ."

   "If you knew
- how much good the cross contains in itself,
- how precious it makes the soul,
- what a gem of inestimable value acquires the soul that has the good of possessing sufferings!...
    Suffice it to tell you that coming to Earth I did not choose riches, pleasures, but I had the cross, poverty, suffering and ignominy as dear and intimate sisters.”

    "My love,
- Do you want to be beautiful?  The cross will give you the most beautiful features that can be found both in Heaven and on earth, so much so that you fall in love with God, who contains all beauties within himself.
   - Do you want to be filled with immense riches, and not for a short time but for all eternity?  Well then, the cross will provide you with all kinds of wealth, from the smallest pennies, which are the small crosses, to the largest sums, which are the heaviest crosses;  However, men, who are so eager to earn temporary money, that they will have to leave soon, have no thought of acquiring an eternal penny, and when I, having compassion on them, seeing their insouciance for everything that refers to the eternal, I kindly offer them the opportunity, instead of taking it well, they get indignant and offend me!  What human madness that understands it backwards!
    My beloved, on the cross are all the triumphs, all the victories and the greatest acquisitions.  You should not have more in your sights than the cross, and it will be enough for you for everything."
    While he was saying this, he showed such pleasure, a joy for suffering, that these words pierced my heart from side to side like so many fiery darts, so much so that I felt life was missing if the Lord did not grant me suffering...

    * Reflect on these concepts about the spiritual benefits of suffering, asking Jesus for his light to understand and thus see any cross or suffering that his Will has for me.
    * Unite my will to God's by accepting any cross, pain or suffering that I have, corporal or spiritual and putting the right and pure intention to suffer for the love of God, in union with Him, in reparation for my sins and those of others , to accompany Jesus in his sufferings, console him, for all souls, etc.

Suffering  for the same purposes of the Passion of Jesus.

 This morning, on coming, my adorable Jesus shared with me part of His Passion. Now , while I was suffering, in order to cheer me the Lord 
told me:
“My daughter, the first purpose that my Passion contains is glory, praise, honor, gratitude, reparation to the Divinity.
    The second is the salvation of souls and all the graces that are needed to achieve this purpose.
    So, for one who   participates in the pains of my Passion, her life contains these same purposes;  and not only this, but it takes the same form as my Humanity, and since said Humanity is united with the Divinity, also the soul who participates in my sorrows is in contact with the Divinity and can obtain whatever she wants .  What's more, her sorrows are like a key to open the divine treasures.
    This while she lives down here.
    And then, there is also reserved for her  in Heaven a distinct glory that will be given to her  by my Humanity and my Divinity, so that she will resemble my own light and glory, and the entire heavenly court will be given a greater glory; as well as a more special glory for the whole celestial court, which will be given to It through this soul because of what I have communicated to her. In fact , the more the souls have become like me in the pains, the more light and glory will come out from within, and here is how the whole celestial court participates in this glory.”
May the Lord always be blessed and everything be for his glory and honor!  (Vol. 4; 8/Feb/1902)

    * Unite my sufferings, even small ones to the Passion of Jesus and offer them with his same intentions towards the Father and towards all souls.
    * Make a prayer offering of  all the sufferings that I will have until my death and those that I have suffered in all my life, so that they remain united to those of Jesus and with their same merit and do the same good.

Everything must be done out of love for God and others.

 (From Vol. 1
by Luisa Piccarreta,
victim and mystic soul
in Beatification Process.)

    Although I remember that in all these things that He told me (the spirit of rectitude, the spirit of mortification...), He always added that everything should to be done for  love of Him * and that the most beautiful virtues, the greatest sacrifices  become insipid if they did not *take origin in love .
    “Charity”, He said to me, “is the virtue that gives life and splendor to all the others *, in such a way that without it they are all dead, *My eye receives no attraction in them and they have no power over my Heart.
    Therefore, * you must be attentive and make your works, even the smallest, be invested by charity *, that is: * in Me, with Me  and for Me *."

    "If Faith makes one  believe, Hope makes one  hope, Charity makes one love.
    If Faith is light and serves as sight to the soul, and Hope , which is the nourishment of faith, provides  the soul with courage, peace, perseverance and all the rest;  Charity, which is the substance of this light and this nourishment , is like that most sweet and fragrant ointment which  penetrating everywhere relieves and soothes the pains of life.  Charity * makes suffering sweet * and makes one  reach the point even of  desiring it.
    The soul who  possesses charity diffuses fragrance everywhere; her  works all out of  love, give off a most pleasing  scent *, and what is this scent ?  *It's the scent of God himself.
    The other virtues renders the soul solitary and almost rude to creatures;  Charity , on the other hand, being substance that unites, * unites the hearts , but where?  *In God.
    Charity, being a most fragrant  ointment, Charity spreads everywhere and reaches everyone.
   Charity makes one suffer with joy the most ruthless torments and one reaches the point of not being able to be without suffering. And when the soul sees herself deprived of it, she says to her spouse Jesus: 'Sustain  me with the fruit, which is suffering, because I am languishing with love, and where else  can I show you my love other than in suffering for you?'
    Charity * burns, consumes all other things, even the  virtues themselves, and turns them all   into itself *.
    In sun, it is like a queen who wants to reign in everything and who does not want to surrender to anyone.”

    * Reread reflecting on the different ideas and putting my intention to do all my acts, prayers, sufferings, as Jesus teaches here: for love of Him, for Him, with Him and in Him.
    * In the morning, at night and many times during the day offer acts of love to Jesus in all we are doing.

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