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Spiritual Insights with Isabel

St Peter          5:5-14
….wrap yourselves in humility to be servants of each other, because God refuses the proud and will always favour the humble. Bow down, then, before the power of God now, and he will raise you up on the appointed day;  unload all your worries on to him, since he is looking after you

Be calm but vigilant, because your enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion, looking for someone to eat. Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that your brothers all over the world are suffering the same things. You will have to suffer only for a little while: the God of all grace who called you to eternal glory in Christ will see that all is well again: he will confirm, strengthen and support you. His power lasts for ever and ever. Amen.

When we don’t trust in Gods word in a particular thing, act, occasion …we are not *bowing down before the Power of God* ( like todays first reading says, we are not letting His grace and His Power to raise us up on the appointed day ( when His Will decides it) 
“ unload all your worries on Him , since He is looking after you, Be calm but vigilant ( faithful and attentive; a word repeated over and over in the Book of Heaven)
Stand firm, grounded in His Divine Will interceding for so many souls going through what you are going through and don’t know about this gift. We have the gift and this is a responsibility also; towards God and others . Our victories are Gods Victories resulting in rivers of graces that descend to earth for souls to decide for God’s Will in their life. 
Every struggle, temptation we have , serve us to become more rooted in the faith and in His Will and by fighting it with Jesus merits, being grateful for dying and resurrecting on our behalf we are giving honor and glory to the Father and extending the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 
We need to pray for each other United to His Will so His Will becomes our corner stone and we can become His disciples.

For example with the example of the “gaze”. 
We can today be attentive so  our gaze is fused in the gaze of Jesus, Mary and Luisa and we can imagine how much love they transmit in that gaze and look at everything during the day with this intention in mind so everything and everyone we put our eyes on get the Love of Jesus, Mary and Luisa. It can be the cashier person at the supermarket, the priest at Mass, a flower you are watering, everything…. 
And from the beginning of the day we make it into a round doing it on behalf of everyone as if all generations were doing it with you and for them, so they get all the graces associated with that gaze.

There are many teachings in the book of Heaven where Jesus explains to Luisa How to Fuse in the Divine Will. This fusing in the Divine Will is the new way made available to us through this gift of the Divine Will. We all receive the gift by asking for it ; ( being able to participate in the life of the Trinity and in the humanity of Jesus, Mary aand Luisa and in the Divine Will )and freely offering our will to God so His Will becomes first movement in all our actions and our will follows It. When we do our proveniente act first thing in the morning, we are actualizing and saying to God we want all our actions ;conscious and unconscious , to be lived in the Divine will. Once we fuse our acts ; this prayer will affect all generations, will give perfect honor and glory to the Father and Will bee extending the Kingdom of the Divine Will and many other goods. So just by fussing in the Divine Will, the Divine Will puts in motion all It possesses. Even though it’s implied already , when we fuse, it’s good to mention at the beginning that it’s done in the name of all and for all ( you, your family, all loved ones and all enemies, all generations are included ) and we pray taking this into account. So first we can: 1. We fuse in the Divine Will in the name of all and for all. 2. Body of our prayer focusing on the life of Jesus, Mary and Luisa,3. Giving honor and glory to the Father4. Extending the Kingdom As we get more knowledge we can add it to our participation in the life of Heaven.

Then we also have the rounds of Creation where God puts His love in all created things and by us recognizing it , it’s as if we give voice to all created things saying back to God , I want to give You back the love You deposited in ….: wind, sun, water, fire, flowers, animals…. And we doing this round we thank God on behalf of all souls( past , present and future)

Then we have the Rounds of Sanctification and these include all Sacraments, gifts of the Holy Spirit ….As we do rounds we are being reordered in the Divine Will according to Gods desires so it’s very important for us so the transformation becomes effective, and we honor and glorify God as He desires.  And at the same time all generations are receiving the effects of that round. 

Volume 3, May 21, 1900


“The design I have over you is not of prodigious things, and of many things which I could operate over you to show my work; rather, my design is to absorb you into my Will, making you one with It, and to render you a perfect example of uniformity of your will with Mine. But this is the most sublime state, it is the greatest prodigy, it is the *miracle of miracles* that I intend to make of you.My daughter, in order to arrive at making her will perfectly one with Ours, the soul must render herself invisible. She must imitate Me who, while I fill the world by keeping it absorbed within Myself and by not being absorbed in it, render Myself invisible, as I do not let Myself be seen by anyone.


This means that there is no matter in Me, but everything is most pure Spirit; and if in my assumed Humanity I took on matter, it was to render Myself similar to man in everything and to give him a most perfect example of how to spiritualize this very matter. So, the soul must spiritualize everything and arrive at becoming invisible in order to be able to easily make her will one with my Will, because that which is invisible can be absorbed into another object. If one wants to make one object out of two objects, it is necessary that one of these lose its form, otherwise one could never arrive at forming one single being.What fortune yours would be if, by destroying yourself to the point of becoming invisible, you could receive a form fully divine! Even more, by remaining absorbed in Me, and I in you, forming one single being, you would come to retain the divine source within yourself; and since my Will contains every good that can ever be, you would come to retain all goods, all gifts, all graces, and would not have to look for them anywhere else but within yourself. And while virtues have no boundaries, yet, when the creature remains in my Will according to where she can reach, she will find their limit, because my Will makes one acquire the most heroic and sublime virtues which the creature cannot surpass.


The height of the perfection of a soul undone in my Will is such that she reaches the point of operating like God. And this is no wonder, because, since it is no longer her will that lives in her but the Will of God Himself, every amazement ceases if, by living with this Will, she possesses the power, the wisdom, the sanctity and all the other virtues that God Himself contains. It is enough to tell you, so that you may become enamored and cooperate as much as you can on your part to reach such extent, that the soul who arrives at living of my Will alone is queen of all queens, and her throne is so high as to reach the throne of the Eternal One; she enters the secrets of the Most August Trinity, and participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Oh! how all the Angels and Saints honor her, men admire her, and the demons fear her, seeing the Divine Being in her!”‘Ah! Lord, when will You make me arrive at this, since by myself I can do nothing!’

Extract from Volume 13 , May1,1921


My daughter, my Will contains the creative power, and just as my Will gave life to all things, so It has the power to destroy them.  Now, the soul who lives in my Volition also has the power to give life to good and to give death to evil.  In the immensity, she finds herself in the past, and wherever there are voids to my glory, offenses not repaired, love not given to Me, she fills the voids of my glory, she makes for Me the most beautiful reparations, and she gives Me love for all.  In my Will, she diffuses herself in the present, she extends to the future centuries, and everywhere and for everyone she gives Me that which Creation owes Me.  In the soul who lives in my Will I hear the echo of my power, of my love, of my sanctity; in all my acts I hear the echo of her own.  She runs everywhere - before Me, behind Me, and even inside of Me.  Wherever my Will is, there is hers; as my acts multiply themselves, hers also multiply.  Only the human will puts disharmony between creature and Creator; one single act of human will puts chaos between Heaven and earth, and casts dissimilarity between Creator and creature.  On the other hand, for one who lives in my Will everything is harmony; her things and mine harmonize together; I am with her on earth, and she is with Me in Heaven - one is the interest, one the life, one the Will.

See, because Creation has not moved from my Will in anything, the sky is always azure and starry, the sun is full of light and heat.  The whole Creation is in perfect harmony; one thing is support of the other.  It is always beautiful, fresh, young; It never grows old, nor does It lose one shadow of Its beauty; on the contrary, It seems that each day It rises as more majestic, giving a sweet enchantment to all creatures.  So would man have been, had he not withdrawn from my Will; and so are the souls who live in my Will:  they are the new heavens, the new suns, the new earth - all flowery; even more, more varied with beauty and enchantment.”

Vol. 4 - October 31, 1900

The Celestial Mother helps Luisa to disarm Divine Justice. The most salutary and efficacious medicine in the saddest encounters of life is resignation.


As I was in my usual state, I felt myself outside of myself and I found the Queen Mama. As She saw me, She began to speak about Justice, and how It is about to clash with all Its fury against the people. She said many things about this, but I don’t have the words to express them. In the meantime I could see the whole of heaven filled with edges of swords against the world. Then She added: “My daughter, you have disarmed Divine Justice many times, contenting yourself with receiving Its blows upon yourself. Now that you see It at the peak of Its fury, do not lose heart, but be courageous; with heart full of holy fortitude, enter into this Justice and disarm It. Do not be afraid of the swords, of the fire, or of anything you may encounter; in order to obtain the intent, if you see yourself wounded, beaten, burned, rejected, do not draw back, but rather, let this be a spur for you to move forward. See, so that you may do this, I Myself have come to your help by bringing you a garment; as your soul wears it, you will acquire courage and fortitude so as to fear nothing.” Having said this, from within Her mantle She pulled out a garment woven with gold, streaked with various colors, and She clothed my soul. Then She gave me Her Son, telling me: “And now, as pledge of my love, I place my dearest Son in your custody, that you may keep Him, love Him and content Him in everything. Try to act in my stead, so that, as He finds all His contentment in you, the discontent that all others give Him may not cause Him too much pain.


”Who can say how happy and fortified I was left, clothed with that garment and with the loving pledge in my arms? Greater happiness I could certainly not desire. Then the Queen Mama disappeared, and I remained with my sweet Jesus. We went round the earth a little bit, and among the many encounters, we met a soul who was prey to despair. Having compassion for her, we drew near her, and Jesus wanted me to speak to her in order to make her comprehend the evil she was doing. Through a light which Jesus Himself infused in me, I said to her: ‘The most salutary and efficacious medicine in the saddest encounters of life is resignation. By despairing, instead of taking the medicine, you are taking the poison with which to kill your soul. Don’t you know that the most appropriate remedy for all evils, the main thing that renders us noble, divinizes us, makes us similar to Our Lord, and has the virtue of converting the very bitternesses into sweetness, is resignation? What was the life of Jesus on earth if not continuing the Will of the Father? And while He was on earth, He was united with the Father in Heaven. The same for a resigned soul: while she lives on earth, her heart and will are united with God in Heaven. Can there be anything more dear and desirable than this?’ As though stirred, that soul began to calm herself; and Jesus and I, together, withdrew. May everything be for the glory of God, and may He be always blessed.

With this wonderful writing we can turn it into a prayer of a round by : asking our Heavenly Mother to help us to become victim souls of the ordinary, by disarming divine justice without becoming discouraged from not seeing fruits in our day-to-day reality. But fill ourselves with even more courage with holy strength to continue entering into justice to disarm it and all the suffering we encounter may serves as a stimulus to continue.


-Clothe ourselves in these maternal garments of gold, flecked with various colors to acquire courage and strength and fear nothing.- with Luisa take Jesus from Mary’s Maternal Arms to guard Him; take care of Him, love Him, satisfy Him in everything in imitation of Our Mother ; so that He also feels His Mother in us , He feels protected from the troubles that souls cause Him.- With all these gifts and accompanying Luisa with Jesus in our arms too, we go through the world, the different world situations, to the souls... (where the Holy Spirit takes us) and stopping in the different situations and souls, we give them Jesus’s lessons so they understand the harm they do to themselves and others .


- resination: by despairing, instead of taking the medicine of resignation you are taking the poison of despair that only kills your soul

.-⁠Instead, take the resignation that Jesus and the Virgin Mary lived on earth and you will be ennobled, divinized and become similar to the Lord and his Mother, turning your bitter sufferings into sweetness.


-⁠In everything seek the Will of the Father and be united with Him in imitation of Jesus while he lived on earth.4:51 AMWhat a beautiful reflection/prayer4:58 AM

Now to put it in the form of a Round : Being clear about what they want to gift us with, we form our prayer …. And here make it personal with your own words but with the ingredients given.


*I fuse in the Divine Will and with Luisa I ask on behalf of everyone and for everyone for the help of our Heavenly Mother….

-I get dressed….-With Luisa I take Jesus from the maternal arms….

- I go to different world situations and souls..- I bring to every one Jesus lessons about resignation, or other lessons of Jesus..

- I offer it to the Father to give Him all the honor and glory that Jesus and the Virgin gave Him when they will live on earth and I do all this in the name of all souls and for all souls, asking for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Holy indifference is not wanting anything specific to happen. Letting God move you to the left , to the right, back to the left… just wanting to do God’s Holy Will in everything and being indifferent to everything else. And this includes holy things.  Be indifferent to my wishes, likes, desires… only look at God’s desires.


So you can guess in this Holy Indifference the fruit is Peace , Love, Obedience to God’s Will, …. And in relation to brothers and sisters, see Jesus suffering in them and by taking care of their sufferings with Jesus reparations , ….acts …you are accompanying them while at the same time you are accompanying Jesus. Always remember to give your neighbor service but fused in the Divine Will accompanying Jesus in your neighbor.


By wearing the garment of His Passion is taking His act, intentions, reparations, prayers, offerings, blessings, adorations to the Father …. And to wear it is to make all this my own to be able to put it at others disposal as Jesus did and also to cover our miseries because Jesus already had victory over all our miseries, fragilities, doubts, shortcomings, …all our human act with out God 


Every time I have covered my miseries with His acts, I see the miracles before my eyes because there is a change in attitude from my part and His attitude and Will wins over mine and it is a fact. 


Question, what do we  do when we fail Jesus and step out of the light of the Divine Will?   


We ask Jesus for forgiveness and I put His victorious act in place of my human act and making it into a round do it in the name of all and for all.  And just let the Holy Spirit play with the situation and see it from different perspectives; from ( Jesus, how I forgot Him, how it affects others… ) to repair all with His acts. And in each breath, each, thought, each blood flow in my body… ask for His Kingdom to Come

Last time we met, we were all going to read on our own the passage of how Jesus communicated with Luisa . This is a good example of how He could be communicating with us. Since Luisa was the depositary of all His Writings, there is no need that He does with us what He already did with her. Now the writings are His visits to us and when the Holy Spirit persists in a specific writing, it may mean He wants to reveal it to us in a deeper way and He wants us to ask Him to reveal it . They always love that we ask them to teach us because that means we are willing to listen and go deeper and if we are willing to listen and discover more about Their Love we will become more willing to do Their Will because we will be enamored of Their Will.

“ Therefore it was necessary that Jesus ‘ Humanity first redo decayed humanity and give to it all the remedies in order to raise it again, and then die and rise again with the qualities of innocent Adam, so as to be able to give to man what he lost. “


So Jesus has paid in advance for all that we go through that makes us suffer. He has redone all our life and made it perfect; all our illnesses, our miseries, our absences of love in all our acts , and if we suffer anything fused in Him we are going to be doing what He did while He was on earth and we will get His own merits in Heaven because it would be as if another Jesus was on earth. After Adam’s fall this was our mission on earth…. To participate in some way …to repair the fall of Adam and now to participate according to Gods Divine Will becomes a greater blessing given to us, because we can also participate of His Divinity. “Poor daughter, do not fear; I do not leave you, nor can I leave you. In fact, one who does my Will is my magnet, which acts powerfully over Me, and draws Me to itself with such violence that I cannot resist. It takes too much to rid Myself of one who does my Will; I should rid Myself of Myself, which is not possible.


”Then He added: “Daughter, one who truly does my Will is placed in the same condition as my Humanity. I was Man and God. As God, I contained within Myself all the happinesses, beatitudes, beauties, and all the goods that I possess. On one hand my Humanity participated in my Divinity, and therefore It was blissful, happy, and Its beatific vision never escaped It. On the other hand, having taken upon Itself the satisfaction for creatures before Divine Justice, my Humanity was tormented by the clear sight of all sins; and having to take them upon Itself in order to satisfy for them, It felt the horror of each sin with its own special torment. Therefore, It felt joy and pain at the same time; love on the part of my Divinity, freezing cold on the part of creatures; sanctity on one hand, sin on the other. There was nothing which the creature would do that could escape Me, be it even the littlest thing. Now my Humanity is no longer capable of suffering, therefore I live in one who does my Will - she serves as my humanity. This is why on one hand the soul feels love, peace, firmness in good, fortitude and the like; on the other hand, coldness, bothers, tiredness, etc. IF the soul REMAINS completely in my Will and takes these things, NOT AS HER OWN THINGS , BUT AS THINGS THAT I MYSELF SUFFERED , she will not lose heart, but will compassionate Me, and will have the HONOR of sharing in my pains, because she is nothing other than a veil that covers Me. She will feel nothing but the bothers of the pricks, of the cold, but it is into Me, into my Heart, that they are driven.


”So any illnesses, oppression,pain , suffering … can turn into a blessing when we consciously understand it can serve us to participate in Jesus mission on earth. Those sufferings by themselves are bitter but because Jesus has suffered them to raise them, to repair them, when we go through them with Him, we are being honored by letting us participate in His mission.

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